YES friend: Personal mini-submarine pilot, new hobby / career (MZ)

Updated: March 16, new video Mike, a YES friend who had a very successful career in IT also had a passion for underwater water photography. He decided to get his pilots license for a “personal sized” submarine. These mini sized submarines come in various sizes and are often used for scientific research type activities. The […]

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Panama farm stay

YES friends: in Europe and Central America Working Retirement, destination Mexico (BB)

UPDATE Ecuador: 2023-01-28 Hike to Yasanga Ridge, Vilcabamba, Ecuador – We look at this ridge each day from our dining room window, so of course we had to go. We enjoyed views of Vilcabamba to the north and views to the south and the Pan-American highway leading all the way to Peru. One of our […]

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Or family FIRE Financial Independence Retire Early

FIRE insights (Financial Independence Retire Early)

After reading about a fellow yesRetired person online (the Or family), who mentioned their success using the “FIRE” (Financial Independence Retire Early) philosophy, I realized that we had sort of accidently applied some of the techniques without knowing about it! The essence of it is to take a high percentage of your high income earning […]

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