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Our journey to this blog stems from the blood sweat and tears that we have worked through starting when I was about 60 years old, trying to picture what retirement at age 65 would be like. Frankly I was very scared back at that stage! But over the past 5 years, with the vision and support of Cathy, who very much wanted to be living outside of Canada during our snow filled winters. We have decided to start our journey by staying in Playa del Carmen, Mexico starting in January 2023 for 3 months. Playa del Carmen is less than an hour from Cancun, Mexcio offering more of a mix of “resort” lifestyle with more traditional Mexican vibe.

Through our working life, we have been world travelers as vacation time permitted. After Rob explored his native lands of Canada and Nova Scotia, and some of the USA, he was drawn to Machu Picchu, Peru for an inspiring introduction to the Mayan indigenous culture that area is immersed in. Eventually a cruise down the Nile River in Egypt added some Arabic culture to his life experiences. The Hawaiian Islands were introduced by taking a wonderful Norwegian Cruise with lots of time for land based excursions each day before returning to the ship for dinner, entertainment and sleep in our floating hotel. Another cruise through the Baltic Sea added insights to the influences of Russia in that area and amazing tours of the famous Royal Palaces in St. Petersburg, Russia. My introduction to South America started with a trip to Guyana, where I got to experience the deep jungle retreat in a thatched roof hut with mosquito net and all, after a slow boat ride through their “mahogany waters”. Although I had taken an European bus excursion through Europe in my mid life, the Cruise through the Baltic Sea starting in Venice, Italy added a deeper appreciation for all things Italian, plus the Beauty of the Greek Isles where I now want to sail next.

As we considered numerous places that would provide a “snowbird” escape from the winter snow, the Spanish Canary Islands became a destination to test Cathy’s use of her acquired ability to speak Spanish and visit a family friend. Belize and Jamaica were also experienced as well as trips to Playa del Carmen and Puerto Vallarta in Mexico.

In the end the choice to start in Playa del Carmen was borne largely out of the near proximity to home from an air travel direct flight cost and time perspective.

This year’s snowbird destination is Spain – Costa del Sol, to experience a “warmer winter” than Canada.

The journey of Rob and Cathy continues…

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1999 My Europe Trip on a Contiki Bus Tour with my friend Fara, was a great introduction to many European countries.