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I was intrigued by an offer for free land that came with a random bottle of single malt Scotch Whisky that I picked up recently. Not only did Laphroaig (pronounced “La-Froig”) turn out to be my new favorite Scotch, with a lovely smokey taste that I favor, but the land offer led to a fascinating journey, that may lead to an excursion to the Isle of Islay in Scotland (pronounced I-lay), and aligns nicely with my Scottish heritage from my mother.

My land in Scotland

The land that is included with each bottle is actually a 1 square foot in a field near their distillery, which is associated with a serial number on the bottle label. Based on the certificate they sent me, it is actually a lease for the land, which includes a payment of a dram of whisky when you visit them!

Here is “my” 1 foot plot:

Based on the GPS coordinates, google maps, revealed that the neighbor down the road, is actually my previous favorite Lagavulin Scotch! Plus the coastal ruins of Dunyvaig Castle is nearby.

And my official certificate:

Maybe I could set up an AirBnB tree house?

The Whisky

The original choice I made was actually not a specific age of Scotch (typically 10 years or 16 years), which means its a blend of 5 other Scotches they produce. But to my great surprise it had a VERY appealing smokey taste. Here are the official descriptions from their site: (Select Scotch | Laphroaig) Our most approachable whisky. A blend of single malts hand-selected from five different casks, creating a mellow Scotch with balanced and complex flavour.

I eventually decided to get another bottle, of their 10 year version which is also great. They have a 25 year version, but I am not up to the $2500 price tag. ​


It’s only fitting that the perfect introduction to peated whisky draws from a broad range of casks in our storehouse. Sweet and smooth, Laphroaig® Select tells our two hundred year history of passionate distilling in every dram. ​ ​ To create the Laphroaig® Select blend, our Master Distiller hand-selected whiskies aged in Oloroso sherry butts, first-fill ex-Bourbon quarter casks and Pedro Ximenez sherry hogsheads at different levels of maturation. Finished in virgin American oak barrels – a rare wood source for Scotch whisky. ​ ​ Our most laid-back expression lets our signature flavours of medicinal peat smoke and seaweed shine, leaving plenty of room for notes of red fruit, lime and a floral finish.

  • COLOUR Sparkling gold appearance with layered tones
  • NOSE Forward peat smoke followed quickly by ripe red fruits
  • PALATE Sweet at first, followed by peat smoke and dashes of ash and seaweed
  • FINISH Long finish with lingering floral notes. Touches of marzipan and lime
  • MATURATION Blend of whiskies aged in Oloroso sherry butts, Pedro Ximenez hogsheads and ex-Bourbon casks, finished in new American Oak.


Yes, the land in Scotland is a gimmick, but it really dragged me deeper into their web site to discover more about their products. I look forward to tasting more of their offerings, perhaps even a trip to Scotland to see my new land :-).


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