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DNA: UK Ancestry 25,000 years ago in Persia

My DNA ancestry test revealed that many of the people who consider their ancestry to be in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and coastal Spain, actually originated from the Persian Plateau area of the Middle East, about 25,000 years ago! This northward migration happened as the Ice Age was receding and plants and animals were being […]

(Y.E.S) looking for the next fun thing to do!

Y.E.S people are probably aged 60-75 with a zest for life and probably retired from full time work, although all are welcome here. Or perhaps just getting closer to that time of the final journeys of life.

Rob and Cathy

This blog is intended to help you find those next fun things, and provide resource links to help you enjoy them. I very much want this to become a Town Hall / Market Square style of “interactive portal” for like minded people – Although I am not entirely sure how I will do that yet. I hope to incorporate some audio podcasts, and photography as well, over time.

There are many broad categories of information in here, as identified in the bottom of the home page. Its kind of a shopping list of topics that I hope to write about by individual posts about each. Again I welcome suggestions for topics I have missed that may be relevant to Y.E.S. people, that should be added to this list.

  • Travel related: Canada, USA, , Mexico, Panama, Central / South America, Europe (Cruising, RV, Weekend)
  • Health considerations:  Protecting, Insuring, sustaining, exercise, diet
  • Wealth and money considerations: Budget conscious or VIP
  • Family, friends, grandchildren and relationships related
  • Regional considerations: Canada, USA
  • Special Interest Groups:  Music, Science and Technology, Photography, Food, Genealogy, GeoCaching, Hiking, HAM Amateur Radio, Mountain climbing, Genetics, Alternate Energy – Solar, wind, tidal, Dancing, Games, Pets, Gardens, Sports, Politics
  • Legacy: Planning for the end.  Funerals, Wills, Finance


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