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Our YES friends Brian and Beth have been travelling the world staying almost for “free” using a “home share” approach, and are currently in an interesting part of Turkey. They stay for free in peoples home’s in exchange for taking care of their pets, and/or doing maintenance on the home. In the past few years, they have traveled to many exotic, off the beaten path places including, Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador, France, Portugal using the “work away” platform.

The links below relate the their Facebook posts about Turkey, including several well produced videos. They include seeing “Cave” Hotels, camels, and unique towns filled with sandcastle like homes, and Flintstone era cave homes.

Turkey: C$5 boat tour for 5 hours, castles, mansions and lifestyleFacebook
Mar 29
Turkey: Istambul, amazing street art murals and town vibeFacebook1
Mar 27
Turkey: Hike down the Ihlara Valley, Cappadocia, TurkeyFacebook
Turkey: Video – 100 Hot Air Balloons ride over lovely town full of sandcastle like homes in Cappadocia.Facebook
Hiking among Flintstone like cave homes in Cappadocia, Turkey.Facebook
Mar 14
Turkey: Cappadocia day Two: Goreme Open Air Museum (with Video)Facebook Mar8
Caves and camelsFacebook
First day in Goreme, Cappadocia, Turkey. We spent our first day wandering the streets and checking out the cave hotels in town. Spectacular!! (with Video)Facebook Mar6
Turkey: Diggin’ Bodrum. Amphitheatre, sailboatFacebook Feb29
Ephesus Ancient City, Turkey. At its peak in the first and second centuries AD, Ephesus was one of the grandest cities of the ancient world. With a staggering quarter-million residents, Ephesus was the second-biggest city in the empire, after Rome. It was fun to think Julius Caesar, Anthony and Cleopatra, St. Paul, St. John—and maybe even the Virgin Mary—all walked the same marble roads as us. (with Video)Facebook Feb 26
Rebuilding EphesusFacebook Feb 18
Bodrum Castle, Turkey. The castle is centrally located in town on the harbour, an easy walk from our Airbnb. It provides stunning daytime views and a spectacular backdrop for sunset. (with Video)Facebook Feb 16
Brian and Beth in Turkey – Facebook posts

You can see some of their previous adventures here, which started as a series intitled “How to move your wife to Mexico, a true story of an adventure that hasn’t happened yet.


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