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Long term RV camping on Mexico’s Pacific coast

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Updated March 16: New campsites south of Puerto Vallarta, and into the Mountains..

Our YES friends, Beth and Geoff have decided to settle down from life on the road in their large RV motor coach for a few months. They are settled near a small Mexican community a little over an hour north of Puerto Vallarta with their campsite being located with a waterfront view of the lovely sandy beach to enjoy watching sunsets every day!

The RV campground has a large community of welcoming ex-pats staying there, including many Canadians. They have many daily group centric activities, in addition to great amenities like laundry service, fresh homemade bread, vegetable delivery, bottled water delivery, massage therapist, nails and hair services.

  • Water volleyball in the pool
  • Pickle ball
  • Womens walking group every morning

Here are a of Beths posts as they settled into the RV lifestyle there.

Day1FacebookOcean water is very warm like a swimming pool. The large RV was a tight fit for the remote cobblestone entrance road, but they made it. Electrical service is generally 15/20 Amp only. Typically MX$250 – 350/night (US$13-20).
Day2FacebookExploring the nearby town, La Peñita de Jaltemba, eating out, beach life, no barking dogs
Day3FacebookSettling in to Campground lifestyle.
Day4FacebookAcross a swing bridge to the resort town of Guayabitos
Day5FacebookExploring Surfer town of Sayulita, Walmart shopping, and rum
Day6FacebookLearning to relax at the beach campground and finding Wilson
Day7FacebookHaircut and pedicure, plus Mexican revolution
Day8FacebookExploring Peñita marketplace and watching crabs on the big waves on the beach
2022-11-24FacebookThanksgiving in Mexio, local village
2022-11-25FacebookInternet getting StarLink, and walks on the beach
2022-12-02FacebookBeach campground lifestyle, new friends, exercise, starfish
2023-01-06FacebookWatching hockey at the campground, after return trip via Texas
2023-01-07FacebookLocal street Art
2023-01-08FacebookSurfs up and campground lifestyle
2023-01-11FacebookTurtles at the beach
2023-01-12FacebookMarket day and whales
2023-01-14FacebookFamily comes to visit, Puerto Vallarta
2023-01-15FacebookFamily and big waves
2023-01-16FacebookSaluita – surf town with the family
2023-01-17FacebookSaluita II
2023-01-18FacebookFamily surfing lessons in Saluita
2023-01-19FacebookArmadillos in the night, Fire busker traffic jam
Animal shelter and High tides
2023-01-24FacebookKite flying on the beach
2023-01-25FacebookPuerto Vallarta visit with family and friends.
2023-01-27FacebookPlanning to exit for Easter weekend
2023-01-27FacebookCelebration of life, part of retirement life
2023-01-28FacebookLearning Pickleball and rain
2023-01-29FacebookIndiana Jones style 4×4 off road adventure to Petroglyphs – plus small town rodeo
2023-02-02FacebookBeach life and exploring nearby town of las Ayalas
2023-02-04FacebookREVERSE surfing, and police
Volunteering, cancer de mama clinic
2023-02-07FacebookHot springs visit
2023-02-09FacebookTown market day
2023-02-10FacebookTeeth cleaning in Mexico
2023-02-14FacebookPolice traffic vehicle stop for speeding
2023-02-15FacebookPig roast, costume party
2023-02-19FacebookSaluita beach town for surfing
2023-02-20FacebookLost cell phone – happy story
Monarch Butterfly refuge in peak season
2023-02-24FacebookBoat fishing
Packing RV to leave for southern parts of Mexico
Tochos, camping in a new town.
Mountain drive to new camp site, OOPS google road map is not always right 🙁
Beths Facebook Blog

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