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Updated: March 16, new video

Mike, a YES friend who had a very successful career in IT also had a passion for underwater water photography. He decided to get his pilots license for a “personal sized” submarine. These mini sized submarines come in various sizes and are often used for scientific research type activities. The “submersible boat” that Mike started with is a two person clear plastic bubble, with all the appropriate safety systems and controls. Its a perfect submersible for someone with underwater photography interests. The big one pictured in the photo attached above here is from our trip to the Carnary Islands, Spain, which was more of a tourist touring rig that could seat a dozen people.

Mikes training involved many long trips off the coast of Costa Rica / Panama to Coco Island.

2022-Nov-25 His latest Video offers great insights to what it is like to get your pilots license in submersible off the coast of Costa Rica. Going down after being towed out to sea, see the underwater life including big mobula rays, weird fish, eels, whales, etc.

Here is a video link from his submersible training while he was in Costa Rica

Also a video link to one of mikes awesome UNDERWATER diving photography:

New video:

Lego even has a submersible creator edition for underwater treasure hunters:

Lego Creator

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