Popular Travel Apps now


This is a link to good article about the best apps to have on your phone now.

Nowadays, there are even artificial intelligence assistants that can help you plan a trip, although the effectiveness of this remains to be seen. 

In their top 20 list I use about half of them, so will take a deeper look.

For our recent travels to Mexico and Panama we use some that are not on the list:

  • Google Translate APP (not the web site version which can’t be used offline like the app).
  • WhatsApp is the most common ways for people AND BUSINESSES to phone each other because it d offers free texting and phoning if you have WiFi.
  • Waze is better than the google maps when in Panama, because its updated by real people driving around the developing country

Here Is The Complete List Of The Top 20 Travel Apps Right Now:

Article from Travel Off Path

Click below for the complete article.

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