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Another fun YES Couple, Beth and Geoff originally from Nova Scotia have been sharing their retirement journey with us after they purchased a large Class A motor coach RV, with a nice Jeep in tow (affectionately known as the Toad), and travelled around the USA in 2021 for a few months.  They typically book their campgrounds well ahead of time, and often stay for 2 or 3 days per location.  The campgrounds are often rather nice ones, located in great locations that cater to the big rigs.  Typical driving time is less than half day between stays, since they like to avoid the freeway and take the slower winding routes.  They have shared some lovely insights to the path less travelled, as they explore many American small towns through out the USA and enjoy the local food delights.

This year (Fall 2022) they are travelling into Mexico. We are excited to hear more about their journey.
I hope to have them contribute something to this site too.

Some resourcres they use include:

We did a basic test run of this kind of trip in a trip to Alberta last year, using the Canada Dream RV Truck rental.  Its great to have a totally self contained vehicle that you can move at what ever pace that you want to.  I liked being able to stop for lunch / coffee at random scenic roadside turnoffs.  With solar panels and propane you can spend a few days at various “un-official” camping spots if you decide you want to.  Just need to find appropriate sewage dumping stations every few days depending on your usage.  Cathy found it to be a bit small, so next time we will be trying a larger rig.

For internet data, it can be tricky when travelling in USA since each carrier has stronger coverage in some states, so you can end up using multiple carriers, or sim cards to maximize your experience.

Beth: What do you think of me sharing a links to some of your public FaceBook feeds in here?

Mexico Day 44 St. Clara de Copra, Copper mine town







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