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Mexico – exploring our new neighborhood

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Some photos as we settle in to our new snow-bird retired lifestyle in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. After our first walk on the beach we wanted to identify some of the local amenities we will be using here for our next three months. Fresh bread, Fruit and vegetable markets, laundry service, pharmacy and doctor, plus food. We feel safe as “expat” gringos (from outside of Mexico) settled into a nice neighborhood called Zazil-ha, which is a good mix of “middle class” Mexican people (homes with newer automobiles) and smaller condominiums.

We were pleasantly surprised with the door to door bread delivery, of still hot out of the oven by a guy on a motorcycle with a BIG basket, chanting his advertisement as he drives about town.

Fresh bread delivery, Playa del Carmen, Mexico, 2023

There are quite a few fruit and vegetable stands throughout the area. Grab a basket outside as you gather up your goodies, instead of a grocery cart. Very popular with locals and long term tourists as well. Although fresh, they don’t always appear as pristine and perfect as the presentation in the Canadian grocery stores.

Some of the drug pharmacies even have a doctor who can renew your prescriptions, and fill it. Isn’t that handy?

An abundance of personal service laundry services, make laundry day easy. Just drop a bag of clothes off in the morning, priced by the pound, your laundry will be clean and folded nicely for a very reasonable price at the end of the day.

Aside from the many delightful restaurants, like the place below where I fell in love with “el pastor”, which is sliced pork on a spit, similar to what is used for Donairs. We also like to indulge ourselves in some of the street vendors foods. Always after careful observation that they are well frequented by “locals” first to help ensure safe food quality.

Line up for Corn Tortillas, Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Yucatan, Mexico, 2023

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