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As we settle into our snowbird lifestyle in Playa del Carmen, Mexico I have come to appreciate the amazing quality of some of the “street art” painted on random cement walls of buildings and infrastructure. The themes encompass the Mexican people, places and things including animals, birds and landscapes. Creative use of the cement balls used to keep vehicles off the pedestrian walkway on 5th Avenue, North.

Amazingly the graffiti makers seem to leave them untouched.

We couldn’t resist these “angel wings” we noticed while eating at a small restaurant. The painting even has a pair of wings for a child.

Hard to resist a cute little girl peeking out beside some colorful birds. 5th Ave North.

Some jungle themes and birds and animals

Smiling face, animals, and a toucan


I really liked the detail and quality on this cement ball vehicle barrier, along the side of 5th Avenue North.

Each ball seems to be a new opportunity for the artists.

Riviera Maya

Any beyond paint, some creative things to draw your attention. In this case its a beach club / resort entrance.

Or a VW beetle bug cut in half, covered in Sea shells !

or the crest of a favorite sports team for “football” (soccer). Roma 1927

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