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We enjoyed exploring the charming white washed town of Mijas (pronounced Mee-haas) that was up the mountain, behind where we are staying in Fuengirola, Spain during our Snowbird escape from Canadian winter. It has a maze of winding streets that are reminiscent of Venice. The lowly donkey is a historical symbol of pride for the town, and are used to pull small carts for the tourists as a sort of taxi. In olden days they were used for mining operations here. You can also ride on their back, or alternatively take a fancier horse drawn carriage.

The remains of an ancient fortress that was used as a mountain escape when pirates would invade the beach side town in the 1000 era. The lovely walk is accented with a botanical garden and old church, and bull fighting ring. The limestone mountains have lots of nice little caves which were used for climatized storage and homes. One is equipped with an anvil from an old forge.

The plaza square is the focal point of the town, with lots of cafe’s, restaurants, and shops. There are a lot of leather jackets and goods here, plus the old Andalusian crafts. We enjoyed seeing the Flamenco dancers with accompanying music – if only I could understand what it was about – I need to learn more Spanish. They are very passionate songs and dance.

There are two pages of photos, or use the slide show to see them all.


Very enjoyable way to spend a spring like day in Spain. See our Other articles about our 3 months in Spain Food, architecture, castles, zoo.


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