Fine dining on rooftop at sunset in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

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Layla’s Restaurant, which happened to be very close to where we were staying, turned out to be an excellent (6 out of 5 stars review) restaurant experience. The rooftop patio is a great way to enjoy the sunset after a fun day exploring the romantic zone of Puerto Vallarta.
Layla’s server demonstrating his skills

They provided us with some excellent unique appetizers even though we didn’t order them. We were a bit lucky that we had a very good server to ourselves because our section had very few others. The “skirt beef” was a new experience for me, but was very flavorful and tender the way they prepared it. For dessert there was a very lemony creation, maybe a bit like baked ice cream. For our finale, our server performed an awesome preparation of a “flaming coffee”, sort of like Irish Coffee on steroids.

Exploring the “romantic zone” of Puerto Vallarta, we enjoyed some ice cream at Lix which we saw featured on the
man washing laundry in Cuale River
Washing clothes in the Cuale river, Romantic Zone, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico

TV show “Mexico Life” or similar. The owners were from the US, and wanted to change their lifestyle by moving to Mexico. The Rio Cuale (River Cuale)
has been a thread of life for the local Mexicans for many years. Twenty years ago when i visited here, there were numerous “Laundry Services” that would wash your clothes in the river (with soap) and dry them on the rocks. That practice is not common any more, but we happened to see a young, possibly homeless, man washing his clothes that were carried in his suit case.

The romantic zone is vibrant with various fresh food producers. We visited a tortilla factory (La Gloria – a tortilleria), and found a fresh fish on ice place, then fresh fruit and vegetables stand. The local art gallery was fun to see statues and painted art including some VERY large pieces, and some humorous ones. We stopped to taste some fresh chocolate dipped coffee beans next door – yummy.
Fresh fish on ice
Fresh fish, Romantic Zone, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico
We were slightly confused when we could not follow our map, because the 2nd bridge that crosses the Rio Cuale had been washed away in the last rainy season.

I wanted to find the hotel that I had stayed in 20 years ago, when I traveled to PV with my teen aged son. The Las Palmas has changed quite a bit, like everything else in PV since then, but still had many recognizable features still in place.

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