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Witnessing the vibrant celebration of Easter’s Holy Week, known locally as “Semana Santa” was a highlight of our visit to Spain as Canadian snowbirds The festivities transcended religious observance, fostering a sense of unity within the community and honoring longstanding traditions. Video and photos below. (note 2nd Roman parade added to the bottom)

In Fuengirola, our adopted town, the festivities commenced on Sunday, not at the church but in the streets, where a boisterous marching band paraded, their coronets and drums resounding, heralding the grand event. Each church in the area stages its own unique procession at varying times throughout the week.  We observed the procession that originated from “Parroquia San Jose,” nearly a kilometer away from its concluding point at Plaza de las Constitution.  A striking float depicting Jesus seated on a donkey beneath a palm tree was the centerpiece. This substantial float was maneuvered by dedicated congregation volunteers, who skillfully navigated it through the serpentine streets for as long as eight hours, all while accompanied by the musical ensemble. The individuals donning conical hats served as the congregation’s protectors, distributing sweets to the delighted children. It’s noteworthy that these hats have a history that predates their more infamous counterparts in the Americas.



Roman Procession (Day2)

In the evening this 2nd procession seemed to be kind of a Roman Soldier re-enactment, with Christ bound with rope next to a Roman column and Mary standing beside him. The Roman soldier costumes were very authentic looking with BRASS breast plates, helmets spears and swords. SPQR stands for Roman Empire. All ages and genders including a very young drummer boy – maybe 8 years old?

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