RV Truck, Alberta

RV Truck camper Alberta, Canada

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We did a basic 7 day test run of a longer road trip by taking a run trip through the mountains of Alberta last year, using the Canada Dream RV Truck rental.  Its great to have a totally self contained vehicle that you can move at what ever pace that you want to.  I liked being able to stop for lunch / coffee at random scenic roadside turnoffs like the one pictured near SunShine ski resort in summer.  With solar panels and propane you can spend a few days at various “un-official” camping spots if you decide you want to.  Just need to find appropriate sewage dumping stations every few days depending on your usage.  Cathy found it to be a bit small, so next time we will be trying a larger rig.

For this trip we did a loop from Calgary, Edmonton, Banff, Canmore.

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