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Exploring Panama’s Mountain and Beach Living

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Panama can be attractive for retirees seeking an affordable warmer or cooler, spring like, climate. Next month we will start our Canadian Snowbird exploration of the cooler 26C (79F) high volcanic mountain jungle area, and the 29C (85F) beach areas, as well as the big cosmopolitan Panama City, which is where the Panama Canal begins on the Pacific ocean side. Although Panama is a “developing” nation with US dollar at par, it has the basics that we are looking for, in a safe affordable country, and should be even less expensive than the Mexican Playa del Carmen area we are are currently in.

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Boquete is a popular small town for expats located at an elevation of 1200M (4000 ft) on the side of a dormant volcano. The elevation keeps the temperature a consistent 26C (79F) all year round, and a small river adds a nice touch for the everchanging landscape that I enjoy. The nearest international airport is in the city of David, which is about an hour away, and has all the big box stores and amenities that one may need. David is a hub / gateway city for nearby Costa Rica as well.

Coronado is a major expat beach town in the Chame District. We will be staying at the outskirts of that in a town called Nueva Gorgona. Each of these locations provide a nice blend of expats from outside Panama with the local people and amenities. Cathy has a good working knowledge of Spanish, but I have some work to do to expand my current vocabulary of 10 words.

Panama City is a very large metropolitan area with metro trains and modern buses, the first of its kind in Central America.

Panama City We will stay there for a few days to see the Panama Canal, and other city amenities.

Boquete, river through popular expat mountain town.

Nueva Gorgona beach area in front of some tall condos, near Coronado area.

Boquete, Coronado, Panama City

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