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You should minimize any CHANGES to your medical prescriptions, and tests, etc. during the 6 months prior to your trip. I ended up paying more for my travel insurance, because I decided to get a medical checkup with my home country doctor, before we leave the country. This resulted in a minor change to my one basic prescription, but that is a key question when buying travel insurance. The insurance companies like to ensure your are “stable” and ANY change implies that you are not stable! Some insurance company uses 3 month stability, some use 6 months.

Also, we enjoy lower rates by getting a high deductible policy. Most quotes that you get assume zero deductible unless you ask otherwise. I figure its better to pay the first $1000 out of pocket IF there is an incident, since I have never used the insurance in my 65 years. A $5,000 deductible is also available, but since it is per person (not policy) it would effectively become a $10K expense if we were both injured in a car accident.

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