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Rob’s PAL retirement party

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My PAL office celebrated my retirement during our annual Christmas Party dinner.

This 37 year journey with PAL comes to an end, and a new retirement chapter of world travel begins on December 30th, 2022. I received a nice plaque encompassing my now famous work phrase “robtry” and a card signed by my work colleagues, plus a really cool high tech “Oura” ring, which monitors bio metrics in a manner similar to a fit bit, which integrates with my iPhone. (My boss, Richard, knows how much I like gadgets).

I started with PAL in 1985, at which time it was known as Program Applications Limited (PAL), with Peter Woolsey at the helm. Eventually as we evolved into the SYSPRO ERP Business Software world from the IBM Business Partner – minicomputer AS/400 era, and ended up now as PAL Solutions for Business under Richard Dyke, as the SYSPRO dealer for Atlantic Canada and beyond. Its been great working with over 200 of the leading Atlantic Canadian Manufacturers and Distributors that we have had as clients over my career. Plus a great assortment of co-workers, many like me who have been with the company for more than 10 years.

PAL staff 2022: Nelson, Glen, JohnC., Shehzad, Mark, Brian, JohnE., Richard Dyke, Scott

In recognition and appreciation of Rob vanNostrand on the occasion of his retirement after an amazing run of 37 years of service to our ERP clients and in support of the PAL and SYSPRO teams. We celebrate and remember your accomplishments, value your friendship and will always remember your addition to our problem solving vocabularies, namely “ROBTRY”. Wishing you the very best in your retirement and many years of happy trekking around the globe or where ever your feet may land. Your many friends at PAL. 16 December 2022.

“ROBTRY” defined: An information tag similar to the word “test”, but with the important distinction that it can safely be deleted or modified without causing any harm or other considerations. Its commonly used when first setting up new applications and testing with random data, which is not to be confused with longer term Test data situations which are often retained for months.
Richard presenting Rob with retirement plaque

Plus a few other retirement related images:

retired under new management
costco over 25 years

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