Taste of Greece, Greek food and dance in Halifax

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At home now in Halifax, Nova Scotia, we enjoy the un-official beginning of summer at the Greek Festival. It has a bountiful selection of official Greek food and Greek dance featuring kids and adults dressed in national costume.

We enjoyed the ultimate Greek platter. Souvlakia meat kabobs which are available in pork or chicken, with yummy LEMON potatoes, and other Greek specialties: Moussaka, dolmades, spanakopita, tiropita, Greek salad, tzatziki. Served with fresh bread. Plus they have lots of Donairs! Don’t forget the Greek sweets: We loved the fingers of chocolate drizzled Flogeres (Walnuts, with walnuts, butter and spices, rolled in layers of phyllo), plus Baklava, Galaktoboureko, Kataifi, Melomakarona, Kourabiedes

The live band includes a Bouzouki, the traditional Greek Mandolin.

Their official web site is here

Mayor Savage, smashing the plate in classic Greek kickoff – Opa ( Greek: ώπα) !

Live Greek band with mandolin (Bouzouki) music and singing

The cute kids, with pom pom shoes.

More photos and the nearby waterfront trail has some nice views of the North West Arm (click for full sized image).

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