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Valladolid is a more authentic Mexican small town about 2 hours drive from Cancun. Its low profile streetscape with mostly simple single story wall to wall buildings are brightly painted with touches of Spanish architecture. We enjoyed exploring the castle like Monastery, and central park square area, as well as the in town cenotes.


Walking the streets

We took the scenic route inland via Tulum and Copa, though various small towns that are selling large macramé decorations and natural reed creations as well as wood crafts. We took the toll highway (300 pesos) home since it was dark then. Google maps got confused because of the construction and tried to route us backwards. The toll roads don’t have any signs indicating which direction you are going. We thought we took a wrong entrance at the on ramp, but after checking with my iPhone compass we affirmed our direction was correct and continued on without incident.

Monastery / Convent / Cathedral

We started exploring the town at what looks a lot like a castle from the mid 1500’s. It is actually a former convent / Monastery which is also a functioning church for the community. You can see the outside without a fee, but there is a small fee to get to see the inside parts. The fee is about the same fee as paying for the bathroom. (Click photo for full sized version)

Rob exploring the top look out of the castle

Main street restaurants and cafe’s

Walking from the Monastery along the main street, there are lots of restaurants, cafe’s, shops and other businesses. Since the temperature inland from the coast is a bit warmer (33C/92F) after realizing most restaurants don’t have air conditioning, we do what the locals do and headed to the tree protected gardens in the back part of the cafe’s. The one we were in had some nice mini fans beside each table which helped to stay cool, with an ice Cappuccino.

Staying cool in the garden of a cafe near the cathedral!

Town Square – Cathedral – Museum

The town square is a great place to stay cool in the shade trees and fountains. There are tour buses and other amenities here. The free museum had some interesting insights to the history.


These four huge wall painting depict major changes through the year. Pre Hispanic, The Conquest, Slavery and the Caste War, Revolution.

The Cenote is within walking distance of main street

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