Gringo Gulch and Rio Cuale zone, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Mexico Travel

We enjoyed seeing the famous BRIDGE over the street, between two Hollywood star’s homes – Liz Taylor and Richard Burton, who were in the movie “Night of the Iguana”, One man… three women… one night… located in the area of Puerto Vallarta known as “Gringo Gulch”. The neighborhood has many up-scale homes which overlook the Cuale River that leads down to the Pacific Ocean. There actually are a few rustic style local homes in the same upscale neighborhood.

n the popular bohemian style Babel Restaurant, which overlooks the Rio Cuale, we enjoyed some regional folk music with our lunch. The group Tajin had an interesting collection of musical instruments. Harp, pan flute, box drum plus a VERY UNIQUE horse head bone set, with guitars and violin.

Our adventures this day started out at our AirBNB, when we watched the locals in bare feet, climb a coconut tree with rope in hand, to harvest the coconuts, by gently lowering them using the rope.

We had an opportunity to view a lovely home for rent, located in the romantic zone. It had one very unique ingenious feature, whereby you could open the entry door from the top of the long flight of stairs, by simply pulling on a loop wire!

While stopping for a refreshing drink later in the afternoon, it was interesting to observe the “cigar smokers group” gathering in a large open area at the back of a nice jungle atmosphere restaurant. The restaurant was even equipped with water mist sprayers, and a mermaid!

In order to bolster our Covid-19 defenses, we took a trip in our neighborhood to the BIG grocery store where we were able to purchase some Lysol disinfecting wipes!! We ended up sharing this treasure with our fellow B&B friends when we left town.

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