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I was amazed to discover a chain of Royal ancestors in my distant family history from 34 generations ago (1000 CE).  The current “internet based” genealogy uses a  SINGLE really big family tree which allows the work of many families to co-exist and be combined in a natural way, which is documented and supported by detailed research.

Our family history includes many notable aristocrats from the UK, France, Hungary, and Scandinavia from over 20 generations ago, including:

King of Denmark – 0925 AD, King of England – 1022 AD, Kings of Hungary 1148/1176, Queen of Hungary 1219, Queen of France 1247, King of France 1268,   Queen of England 1292, King of England 1312

Am I special?

It turns out that I am not really that “special”, because mathematically when you go back 20 generations you could have as many as 2 million ancestors.  When you focus primarily on UK (population 2M in 1500 AD) and Europe, the odds are pretty good that you will have a 1 in a million connection in the 500 year era between 1000 and 1500.  Furthermore most royals tended to marry within royal circles, so if you have one royal relative, then you likely have multiple of them!

North America

It turns out that my North American ancestors were probably the “lesser” family members of these distant aristocrats, that ended up seeking new lands and positions in the new world after Columbus sailed in 1492.

The Petigree List

Based on the WikiTree data:

This makes Harald the 32nd great grandfather of Rob.

1. Rob is the son of Frederick Cornelius van Nostrand (1930-2016)

2. Frederick is the son of Frederick Harold van Nostrand (1896-1975)  

3. Frederick is the son of Margaret Gertrude (Hurlburt) van Nostrand (1865-1941); Georgian Bay, ON

4. Margaret is the daughter of Charlotte Amelia (Wood) Rowswell (1839-1916);  Kingston, ON  

5. Charlotte is the daughter of Roxanne (Kilborn) Hurlburt (1814-1899); Kingston, ON   

6. Roxanne is the daughter of Hiram Kilborn (1786-1847); Vermont, USA; USA to Canada

7. Hiram is the son of James (Kilbourn) Kilborn (1750-1829); Connecticut, USA to Canada

8. James is the son of Sarah (Bissell) Kilbourn (1713-abt.1754); Connecticut, USA   

9. Sarah is the daughter of Elizabeth (Osborn) Bissell (1684-1761); Connecticut, USA   

10. Elizabeth is the daughter of Abigail (Eggleston) Osborn (1648-1689); Connecticut, USA

11. Abigail is the daughter of Bigod Eggleston (1587-1674); Yorkshire, UK to USA

12. Bigod is the son of Margaret (Harker) Eggleston (1559-bef.1602); Yorkshire, UK  

13. Margaret is the daughter of Dorothy (Unknown) Lamb (abt.1545-); Yorkshire, UK

14. Dorothy is the daughter of Dorothy (Bigod) Radcliff (abt.1529-1573); Yorkshire, UK

15. Dorothy is the daughter of Catherine (Conyers) Bigod (1510-1566); Yorkshire, UK

16. Catherine is the daughter of William Conyers (1468-1524); Yorkshire, UK; Barron; William Conyers, 1st Baron Conyers – Wikipedia

17. William is the son of Alice (Neville) Conyers (1437-1490);  (Ireland?, Roxborough Castle?) or Raby Castle, Keverstone, Durham, England;  Her husband may have been “Robin Hood” 

18. Alice is the daughter of William Neville KG (abt.1400-1463); Northumberland / Durham, UK; Knight and Lord, Earl of Kent; William Neville, Earl of Kent – Wikipedia;

19. William is the son of Joan (Beaufort) de Neville LG (1379-1440); Joan Beaufort, Countess of Westmorland, married at age 12; and again at 18

20. Joan is the daughter of John (Plantagenet) of Gaunt KG (abt.1340-1399); Duke of Lancaster

21. John is the son of King Edward (Plantagenet) of England (1312-1377); King Edward III, Windsor Castle

22. Edward is the son of Queen Isabelle (Capet) Plantagenet (abt.1292-1358); She Wolf of France, Queen of England

23. Isabelle is the daughter of Philippe (Capet) France (1268-1314); King of France  

24. Philippe is the son of Isabella (Aragón) de France (abt.1247-1271), Queen of France, from Spain/Italy/Hungary

25. Isabella is the daughter of Jolanta Arpadhazi (1219-1251); Queen of Hungary; Born in Esztergom palace.  

26. Jolanta is the daughter of András (Arpadhazi) Árpádházi (abt.1176-1235); King of Hungary  

27. András is the son of Béla (Arpadhazi) Árpádházi (1148-1196), King of Hungary; Béla III of Hungary – Wikipedia

DNA info in WikiTree.

28. Béla is the son of Helena Evfrosinia Kiev (1130-1193); Ukraine / Turkey, Prince

29. Helena Evfrosinia is the daughter of Мстислав Владимирович (Kiev) Киевский (abt.1076-1132);  Ukraine, Prince/ Scandinavia  

30. Мстислав is the son of Eadgytha (Haroldsdohtor) Kiev (abt.1050-1098); England / Palistine  

31. Eadgytha is the daughter of Harold Godwinson (Wessex) of England (abt.1022-1066); King of England; Harold Godwinson – Wikipedia; Link to Scandinavia

Likeness of King Harold II Godwinson, AI portraits of Aristocrats by ChatGPT-4 on Bing.

32. Harold is the son of Gytha (Thorgilsdatter) Wessex (abt.1000-aft.1069); Scandinavia; Noblewoman Gytha Thorkelsdóttir – Wikipedia  

33. Gytha is the daughter of Sigrid Haraldsdottir (abt.0969-abt.1000); Scandinavia

34. Sigrid is the daughter of Harald Blåtand (Gormsson) Gormsen VIII (bef.0925-bef.0988); Denmark – King; Harald Bluetooth – Wikipedia; Harald Bluetooth: The Viking Who Gave His Name to Wireless Technology (;

Thought to be buried here: Roskilde Cathedral – Wikipedia

Interesting to note that my vanNostrand ancestorial island is located just inside the Danish defensive border in Bluetooth’s time.

National Geographic Premium article


My eyes have really been opened about European History in the 0-2000 era. The free WikiTree website provides an amazing tool for Family Tree Genealogy research and fun. I even discovered some ancestors back to 0050 AD in there!

This article gives more information about the WikiTree web site.


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