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The popular TV series “The Last Kingdom” tells the story of a Viking ancestor in the UK during the 1000 AD era. The real life “Uhtred of Bamburgh” turns out to be an ancestor of the Canadian van Nostrands, back 29 generations ago! The TV series is historical based fiction, so it tells a somewhat twisted version of the story, but is fundamentally a true story.

The “POYER” family is our gateway into an interesting line of UK Aristocrats, including many Earls, Nobles, Countesses, and Knights from Wales and Scotland. The Reverend Poyer who sailed to America almost didn’t make it, when the ship Herbert he was on sank, about 100 miles from America, loosing all his belongings. Also, one of our ancestors during the King Henry VIII era, was actually the Aunt of two of Henry’s wives – Ann Boleyn and Catherine Howard!

Ancestorial Castles

Our UK ancestors lived in some of the large castles of the day, as Knights, nobles, mayors and Sherriff.

Pembroke Castle, Wales

Framingham Castle, England

Loughborough Castle, England

Bamburgh Castle, Scotland

Family Tree Line

Starting with my grandfather, 1. Dr. Frederick Harold van Nostrand (1896 – 1975), here is the family line back to my 28th great grandfather:

vanNostrandsNorth America2. James Albert Marsh vanNostrand  (1864-1935)
3. John vanNostrand (1824-1895)
4. Cornelius Innes vanNostrand (1796-1878)
5. James vanNostrand (1764-1840) – to Canada
6. Sarah (Poyer) vanNostrand (1731-1807), NY; married Aaron III vanNostrand
Poyer familyWales7. Rev. Thomas Poyer (1682-1732) – to America
8. Thomas Poyer (1645-1707)
9. Elizabeth (Button) Poyer (1604-1688), wife of Mayor and Colonel of Pembroke Castle 
Rice / Rhys familyWales10. Mary (Rice) Button (1580-1637)
11. Admiral Sir Walter Rice (1562-1635)
12. Griffith Rhys (1524-1592);  Mayor and Sherriff (1604-1688), wife of Mayor and Colonel of Pembroke Castle
HowardsEngland13. Countess Catherine (Howard) Daubeney (1499-1554); King Henry VIII era, Aunt of Ann Boleyn and Catherine Howard.
14. Knight and Duke Thomas Howard (1443-1524)
15. Dutchess Catherine (Moleyns) Howard (1424-1465)
MoleynsEngland16. Sir William Moleyns (1378-1425); Knight, Member of Parliament
17. Eleanor (Beaumont) de Moleyns (1363-1384)
BeaumontsEngland18. Lord Henry (Beaumont) de Beaumont (1340-1369)
19. Sir John (Beaumont) de Beaumont (1318-1342); Knight
20. Countess Alice (Comyn) Beaumont (-1349); Scotland 
ComynsScotland21. Sir Alexander Comyn (1262-1308); Knight, Scotland
22. Sir Alexander (Comyn) VI Earl of Buchan (1214-1289)
23. William (Comyn) Comyn Earl of Buchan (-1233), Scotland
24. Earl Hextilda Fitz Uchtred (Tynedale) de Comyn (1122-1182) 
Uhtred of BamburghScotland25. Uctred FitzWaltheof (1070-1152); Scotland
26. Earl Waltheof (Huntington) of Northumberland (1046-1076)
27. Ælfflæd (Bernicia) of Northumbria (1010-1060)
28. Earl Ealdred (Northumbria) of Bamburgh (0990-abt.1039);
29. Uhtred (Northumbria) of Northumbria (0975-1016)


The WikiTree Genealogy website has easy to use tools for investigating your deep ancestry, which can turn up some very interesting notable people. (see our article about it).


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