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The free Wikipedia Encyclopedia amazingly is created and maintained by VOLUNTEERS! Its very easy to edit any article you see there. You may be able to improve their information as it relates to your community or a cause that is important to you, any time you feel in the mood! But you do need to understand their expectations – else your quickly edited article gets reverted to its prior state by the WikiFairy (other editors). Fundamentally all their content needs to be cited by credible sources, so sadly this means that it is NOT intended for you to write your own opinion, nor memoir experiences.

Their home page can also be a great way to start your day to see news, on this day, photo of the day, etc. You can learn lots of things if you are not inclined to be an editor.


Wiki – Anything and Everything !

There is so MUCH MORE to Wikipedia than just a short article about a particular topic. Other wikis that are totally separate from Wikipedia provide deeper coverage of Travel, Photography, Species, Education, University, News, Books:

Travelers might enjoy wiki voyage:


You can add photos or use the photos in Wikimeida Commons for free.


Biologists might enjoy WikiSpecies:


Educators and Outreach people might like Wiki Education


Readers will enjoy WikiBooks


Even Wiki-News

And many more:


If you look around the Wikipedia site you are certain to find something of interest, and maybe you can contribute some content related to your own experiences. Begin by simply creating an account on the wikipedia site, then you can immediately begin editing! But you should read their “Learn to edit” training material first.


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