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First week Retired – Like being a Teenager again

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A few quick thoughts as we arrive at the end of our first week of retirement…

A thought occurred to me that being retired is a lot like being a teenager again!
No job, and nothing to do 🙂


Well that’s not exactly true, since we are anxiously awaiting the beginning of our trip to Mexico for 3 months, starting next week. But, neither of us could sleep soundly on the night of our last day of work, wondering “what have we done”, and the wandering thoughts about this being the right time for our decision? But, yes we are ready.

It is a weird adjustment, realizing there is no need to set the alarm clock – even though I still wake up at the same 7am time anyway. Plus we kind of lose track of the day of the week since it doesn’t really matter any more. I do find myself almost feeling “guilty” that I am not working at something productive, like I was always driven to do in my IT professional working life.

I expect things will sort themselves out, once we are settled in Mexico. Probably re-kindle my photography interests, and continue with some writing projects, maybe some volunteer activity that uses my technology interest. Theatre lighting? Radio? Hmmmm

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